Bringing benefits of adventure tourism to Wild Coast villages

Google hasn't been to the Wild Coast; this means that there are hundreds of small tourism enterprises along the wild coast that are completely unknown to the rest of the world.

This is especially true when it comes to micro tourism enterprises in the remote villages and towns of the region; village offerings like wild coast homestay huts and guides are completely marginalized - the significant benefits adventure tourism opportunities literally pass them by – this is unacceptable!  

The Umzila KaBawo Expedition will rectify this by capturing and uploading the unmapped roads, tracks, hiking trails, and attractions of the Wild Coast to Google Maps Street View


People from around the world will be able to step into the Umzila Ka Bawo (The path of our forefathers) From Google Maps Street View. 

They will be able to book Camino styled, cultural adventures directly with local guides and the villages offering Wild Coast Homestay Hut accommodation.

You will explore this magnificently Wild Coast as guests of the AmaPondo, along the pathways of King Faku's descendants and thousands of shipwrecked souls.

For Historic Reference Read, The Sunburnt Queen


Collaborative Tourism Transformation: The creation of this route forms part of the Wild Coast Tourism Equity Transformation Program; a unique collaboration between all stakeholders along the Transkei Wild Coast 

Adventure Tourism Education & Skills Development: Together, through the implementation Umzila Ka Bawo we can identify, train, develop and incorporate tourism enterprises in the villages of the Wild Coast; we can mentor participants towards sustainable tourism enterprises that are 100% owned by the villagers themselves - we can bring the benefits of mainstream tourism to the people in the villages of the Wild Coast.

Environment & Conservation of the Wild Coast: From an environmental perspective, by bringing the benefits of adventure tourism to the communities living on the Wild Coast we are keeping the Wild Coast wild. t


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