WildCoastZA is a collaborative membership working towards Tourism Equity Transformation

Welcome to WildCoastZA

Keeping the Wild Coast wild through the implementation of a tourism equity transformation program that grows tourism in the region and brings the benefits of mainstream tourism to the villagers and the local guides, people who are the custodians Of the Wild Coast.

 Tourism equity transformation is not about donations or handing over ownership of existing, successful enterprises to local guides and communities. It is about a partnership and collaboration, where existing, successful enterprises partner with village communities; where, through a partnered process of mentored skills transfer, intellectual property is also shared.

Wild Coast Tourism Equity Transformation  Program

Friends of the Wild Coast

Friends of the wild coast are individuals throughout the world that are interested in the future of the wild coast and its people. 


Local Guides

Local Wild Coast Guides are wild coast community members that live within a 20km radius of adventure activities and/or routs that are on offer. They are individuals that are being trained and mentored to create and run their own micro adventure enterprises.

Adventure specialists

These are adventure experts who want to share their passion with others (Mountain biking; Trail running; Hiking; Fishing; Climbing; Photography) Adventure specialists from around the world are welcome.

Adventure route operators

We are continually plotting adventure activities onto Google Maps Street View. These adventure routes will be ‘owned’ by the specialists that set them up in collaboration with the local guides. Think of it as a collaborative transformation franchise. 

Tour operators

These are tourism companies that combine tour and travel components to create a package holiday on the wild coast. 

Wild Coast Accommodation

Wild coast accommodation includes hotels, lodges, cottages, B&B’s and homestay huts. WildCoastZA is currently assisting with the update of all Wild Coast accommodation providers to Google Maps Street View and their respective contact information on Google business profiles

Environmental projects

There are organisations that are proactively involved with ensuring the sustainability of our natural resources.

Our environment is about the food we eat, the air we breathe, conservation of nature and the aesthetics of our surroundings - without sound environmental consideration adventure tourism on the Wild Coast is unsustainable.  

Wild Coast tourism authorities

There are many tourism authorities throughout the wild coast, each with their own specific focus, together they all play a crucial part in a complex tourism matrix.

WildCoastZA partners with those that contribute towards tourism equity transformation and keeping the wild coast wild.

More than just talking about it, the Wild Coast Holiday Association helped financially and logistically to get everything you see on this website started. 

...the rest are still just talking. 

We are literally putting the Wild Coast onto Google Maps!

The Umzila Ka Bawo  (The path of Our Forefathers') expedition to map the Wild Coast on Google Maps Street View has begun. 

People around the world can explore the Wild Coast on Google Maps, see exactly what to expect and book directly with hotels, homestay huts and local guides 


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