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Navigating the Umzila Ka Bawo Heritage Route

Create your own bespoke adventure on the Wild Coast

WildCoastZa’s teams have walked the trails, driven the roads, visited the hotels, lodges and Wild Coast Homestay Huts and mapped them to Google Maps Street View so that you can explore them virtually as you plan your next adventure.

The Street View pegman turns your journey of discovery into a Virtual 360° Tour as you explore the hidden treasures of the Wild Coast.

Explore the Umzila Ka Bawo Heritage Route in Virtual Reality on Google Earth. Click on the icons of interest and discover hidden treasures, authentic cultural encounters, and breathtaking landscapes on the untamed Wild Coast.

Your accommodation is also an adventure; mix and match your accommodation between the homestay magic mamas and hotel managers; the warm hospitality of participating Wild Coast Homestay Huts, B&Bs, hotels, and lodges, nestled between breathtaking landscapes and pathways pf adventure offer accommodation ranging from humble comfort to five-star luxury. Immerse yourself in the magnificence of the Wild Coast - mix it up a little.

Local Wild Coast Guides who have lived their lives in the area will walk with you to unveil the secrets of this enchanting coastline. They will lead you to the areas best-kept secrets, revealing its natural wonders and cultural heritage.

Plan your perfect adventure with ease, craft your bespoke guided experiences tailored to your preferences and interests. Whether you're seeking thrilling hikes, serene nature walks, or captivating cultural encounters, the Umzila Ka Bawo heritage route has it all. Let us know your plan and we’ll send you your own bespoke interactive map. 

  Leave your worries behind as you embark on this unforgettable journey. All you need is a daypack and a sense of adventure. Everything else—from accommodations to shuttle services are taken care of.

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